Lauren Higdon

Owner & Director, LMT, CYT, Baby Maasage Instructor, Birth Doula

Lauren Higdon is the Owner and Director of Centered.  She has been teaching classes on wellness in the Lexington community for over 15 years and also enjoys giving talks on holistic health and movement for local hospitals, colleges, businesses and physical educators.  Her focus is to facilitate greater self awareness and release stagnation in the mind and body through the combined practice of breath work, yoga and bodywork.
Lauren discovered her passion for the healing arts following her studies in psychology and fine arts at the University of Kentucky.  While taking Aikido classes she was exposed to Tai Chi and Shiatsu.  She found further exploration and inspiration at Lexington Healing Arts where she graduated from the massage therapy program in 2002 and the yoga teacher training in 2010.  She has been on the faculty at Lexington Healing Arts ever since 2002 and her continuing private practice includes Pediatrics, CranioSacral Therapy, Movement Re-Education, yoga, Vedic Thai Massage, prenatal and postpartum massage and mothering her two amazing boys.
Lauren’s intention is to create a nurturing, healthy, safe and exploratory environment for all the people she encounters, so that they may experience greater freedom to grow and find peace through all of life’s transitions.

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Joshua Saxton

LMT, CYT, Operations, Massage Therapy Outreach, Meditation

Joshua has been a Massage Therapist since 1995 and has taught yoga classes and facilitated meditation since 1999. He is a father to Leaf, a traveler, photographer, partner and lover of beautiful creatures, places and spaces.Joshua has continued his studies in the human forms and functions through Nuad Boran Classical Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, massage for people with special needs, Stone Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and various sports massage modalities. He is a graduate of the yoga program taught by Amanda McMaine at Lexington Healing Arts and is currently studying environment, health and water in the Medical Anthropology program at the University of Kentucky.His love and passion for bodywork, personal development and re-invigoration of humanity has brought him to share physical, mental, and spiritual connections with thousands of travelers upon life’s rich roads. He has enjoyed sharing knowledge as a faculty member with two local massage schools and has facilitated various trainings in partner massage, Thai massage, integrative techniques and Reiki.  In his spare time he loves to drum and dance, cook without recipes, live passionately, walk and breathe as fully as possible.

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JoAnn Prosser


JoAnn is a valued member of the Centered team, as the head of the Squeeze raw foods bar and also a licensed massage therapist. JoAnn’s seasonal menu at Squeeze is enough to satisfy a healthy breakfast, lunch or light dinner out. Her unique elixirs benefit the mind and body by providing just the right blend to balance you out. Each Friday night, she offers an Elixir Hour from 6pm-7pm with a featured elixir of the week. There is also an assortment of tasty sweets and other yummy items that can be ordered to go or enjoyed at Squeeze.

squeeze raw vegan juice bar at Centered in Lexington KY
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Our Team

Matthew Higdon

Yoga, Massage Therapy

Matthew Higdon is an advanced bodyworker and modern yogi. His vision is to share appropriate tools for finding and embodying greater creativity, balance, strength, and flexibility in all spheres of life. His touch and teachings are informed by the experiential awareness and healing potency of rigorous study and application of yoga sadhana, anatomy/physiology, bodywork and manual therapies. He seeks to empower yoga and healing community to help foster the illuminating flame of self inquiry for conscious evolution and self realization.With over 1000 hours of massage and bodywork related training including advanced techniques for working with fluid, fascia, nerves and vicera, participation in numerous diverse yoga workshops and seminars as well as a daily yoga practice for the past 5 years, Matthew brings a balance of science and mindfulness to the table and mat. He can help you find greater alignment and vitality at any age or level of health.

    KK Jauco

    KK began laying hands on her family when she was a child. In middle school, her counselor started doing yoga and Reiki with her to help for grounding (aka ADHD). This opened her heart and world towards natural medicine and the healing arts. With her remarkable intuitive senses developed with over 25 years in practice, she has clients all across the country. KK’s expertise relies on her intimate knowledge of many classic disciplines on massage, healing and complementary medicine.

    KK obtained a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Health Education and went on to receive her Master’s degree in Public Health. All who have interacted with KK will readily attest to the extraordinary dedication and energy she has brought to her work. She also boasts an impressive track record of accomplishments in the healthcare field and international work assisting underserved communities – serving as a sanitarian with Indian Public Health Service in Billings, MT, principal researcher for an international health education project based in Iba Ibayo, Philippines and coordinated an EKU-UK Shoulder to Shoulder Ecuador initiative, which provides free healthcare to desperately in need villagers of Santo Domingo and Tsachila tribes in the Andes Mountains.

    She also mothered three beautiful sons, one who sadly passed away from brain cancer at the tender age of 21. Transforming the grief of this loss into a deeper commitment to care for those in need, KK fully understands the challenges that those who survive and thrive in chronic pain face daily. Her other two sons are both studying medicine at the University of Kentucky.

    To schedule with KK Jauco, please contact her by phone or e-mail with the below information.

    Meg Toole

    Squeeze, CYT

    Meg just received her Yoga Teacher certification is beginning to practice teaching classes in our community. Meg’s specialization is in slow flowing yoga and restorative yoga practice. Feel free to contact her if you’d like her to do a demo yoga class for you or a donation based session – she is ready to, “Get her practice on!”
    Outside of Centered, Meg has two kitties – Agadore & FarmCat – and is going back to school for her Master’s in Social Work. She looks forward to studying the intricate ways that Social Work and restorative yoga intertwine.

    Lauren Ward

    Aromatherapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Vedic Thai Yoga Massage, Visceral Therapy and Zero Balancing

    Lauren believes that our bodies have the capacity to heal and communicate to us exactly what we may need. Even in times of stress or trauma, overwhelm or confusion, she believes the body will speak. Lauren does her very best to listen clearly from a place of Unconditional Positive Regard, without Judgement or expectation. She holds presence with Intention, creating a space for the body to be, and is a facilitator for an individual to integrate their own body awareness and self- healing through therapeutic touch.

    Lauren has studied with a variety of experienced professionals, many whom are the founders of their modality, to better facilitate each individuals unique needs. She integrates concepts from Eastern and Western modalities, including Aromatherapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Vedic Thai Yoga Massage, Visceral Therapy and Zero Balancing, and is honored to be in Service. ~ Namaste~

    Specialties: Aromatherapy, Intuitive Bodyworker, Massage Therapy Instructor, Certified Zero-Balancer, Reiki Teacher, Movement Instructor, Yoga Therapy and Restorative Yoga, Organic Baker

    “I am a facilitator for an individual to integrate their own body awareness and self- healing through therapeutic touch.”
    ~Lauren Ward~

    Shayne Wigglesworth

    NIA Instructor

    Shayne Wigglesworth is a NIA Brown Belt and 5 Stages teacher. Shayne’s love for movement began in her youth through the realm of sports. After college, she was introduced to holistic and healing forms of somatic movement. At the persistence of a friend and her first teacher, Shayne stepped into her first NIA class in 2007. The way she looked at fitness and her life changed during that first class. Since that moment, NIA has been her guide and friend on this journey of life. Shayne has completed her belt trainings at the NIA international headquarters in Portland, Oregon and completed her 5 Stages training in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has traveled the US taking classes and studying with other NIA Black Belt teachers. Shayne is currently studying and preparing for her Black Belt training in Portland in September. Shayne has taught at studios in Lexington and Louisville.

    Shayne believes in the endless possibilities of the human body to heal itself through movement. The path to health is endless; all that is required is time, practice, and love. Dancing through Life with Joy and Pleasure is her daily motto. She lives in Lexington with her son. Her daytime job is Deli Manager at Good Foods Market and Cafe. Shayne teaches four to five NIA classes a week.

      Christina Lynch

      RYT, Squeeze

      Wake up happy with Christina, who works at Squeeze and also teaches our sunrise Lionflow Yoga classes. Lionflow is a unique blend of Yoga postures, Qi-gong and Kung-fu stances designed to warm up the body from the inside to keep you safe as you strive to deepen your postures. In these classes, you will learn the benefits of the Yoga strengths; pushing, pulling, squeezing, flexing, stretching, compressing, balancing, relaxing, and breathing. Lionflow Yoga exposes the raw natural art of yoga, as a slow dance of postures that compliment one another offering slow and softer kungfu form, therapeutic thorough self massage and a fluid natural release of your true power & natural range of motion . This yoga style is a warm up for life and will leave your body & mind ready to function at optimal capacity. Walk-ins are welcome.

        Matthew Branstetter

        Qi Gong, Meditation

        Matt Branstetter is a long time student and teacher of martial arts and meditation. He is a certified Qi Gong instructor through the Rising Lotus Qi Gong and completed a 200hr yoga teacher training with Amanda McMaine in 2010. He is a licensed massage therapist and is the Chair of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at Saint Catharine College where he teaches, among other classes, Ecospirituality and the Philosophy of Embodiment.

        Hardin Field V, C.Ac.,MSTOM

        Hardin graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, California. In addition to being licensed by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), he holds licenses and certification in both the Kentucky and California State Acupuncture boards.

        Hardin was born and raised in Versailles, KY. Growing up and working on a farm instilled a great work ethic, love for nature and a respect for the land that he grew up on. Hardin also had a strong love for sports, fitness and the health of the human body. All of these combined with a desire to help others achieve the best health possible, led to his career path and journey.

        Hardin graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B.A. degree in Kinesiology. He worked as a personal trainer in Lexington for nine years. A desire to be able to help clients on a deeper, systemic level, lead him to enroll in and continue his education at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (P.C.O.M.) P.C.O.M. is a four-year, Masters Degree program with over 3,400 hours of study in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and western biomedicine and sciences. Hardin is also a graduate of a specialized, sports medicine acupuncture certification program with the highly regarded and leading Sports Medicine Acupuncture teacher and practitioner.

          Andrea Johnston, MSAOM, Dipl OM, CAc

          Andrea spent her early years in Vancouver, Canada and Lexington, Kentucky (quite the opposites!), spending most of her time making sand castles, climbing trees, and riding horses. When she was 11, life moved her to the West Coast and she spent the next 15 years in sunny Southern California. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Social Behavior.  While at UCI, she served as president of The Association of University Meditators, which earned the honor of the Dalai Lama Scholarship.  The combined influences of her time at UCI and the many doctors in her family molded Andrea into pursuing a professional degree in holistic medicine, with the goal of building bridges between western & holistic medicine to support the progression of healthcare.
          Andrea graduated Cum Laude with a Master’s degree in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine from South Baylo University in Southern California. She also received the Clinic Award for outstanding services to patients and clinic supervisors.  She is a fully certified practitioner of Oriental Medicine with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine ( and maintains state certification for Acupuncture in Kentucky.
          Andrea believes in treating every person with compassion, respect, and integrity with the understanding that every person is unique. She is dedicated to providing multidimensional healing that restores balance in body, mind, and spirit, while promoting synergistic harmony with our environment. She believes it is equally important to educate every person on expanding consciousness and self-awareness so they may take an active role in their healing process.
          Hardin Field V, C.Ac., MSTOM
          Stream Point Acupuncture

            Connie P. Milligan, LCSW

            Transformational Coach and Consultant

            As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Connie is a clinician and change agent in the mental health and social justice arenas with over 30 years’ experience. She has been honored for her work with many awards, written numerous articles and provided extensive state and national training and consultation.

            Her interest in the metaphysical realm has led her down a personal path of exploration that has resulted in huge shifts in her clinical orientation and wonderful joy in her personal life.

            She is putting her training in Transformational Coaching and years of study and experience to use by offering workshops, groups and individual coaching.

              Ann Graff

              Functional Movement, Exercise and Wellness Lifestyle Design

              Anne Graff teaches functional movement, exercise and wellness lifestyle design for those looking to stay active, strong and vital throughout their lives. She received her Bachelors in Social Work from Cornell University and her Masters in Occupational Therapy from Columbia University and has been an Occupational Therapist for over twenty five years. She is trained as a Body Recall teacher and is certified by the American Senior Fitness Association as a Senior Fitness Instructor. Anne is certified in HeartMath meditation and recently became a facilitator for the HealthRHYTHMS group empowerment drumming program. She is committed to ongoing education in the areas of mind body medicine and integrative health. Anne’s vision is for her class participants to develop an understanding and appreciation of their bodies, learn to embody  mindfulness, self compassion, joy in movement, and a greater awareness of how the mind and emotions can be influenced by physical activity.  She shares her skills as an OT and  her knowledge of meditation, integrative health, movement techniques and positive psychology with her students. She enjoys pilates, vegetarian cooking, natural horsemanship, and spending time with family and friends.

                Lynn Motley

                “I value creating a healing space for my clients to explore and integrate a deeper unfolding of their current life challenges and difficulties.” ~ Lynn
                Lynn loves the co-creative process of helping others access personal empowerment and possibilities in their lives.
                She has a private psychotherapy and coaching practice in Lexington and provides the following workshops and group learning opportunities at Centered on the following:

                • Transforming Too Much Into ENOUGH: Increase awareness and expand possibilities in dealing with overwhelm
                • Wired for Joy: Creating Sustainable Practices to support you in living your best life
                • Creating Possibilities with change: Taking steps to access new levels of growth with life challenges and learning.
                • The Art of Conversation: Creating Conversations for different Possibilities.

                As a therapist, Lynn finds deep meaning and personal fulfillment in assisting clients/couples as they navigate life’s challenges and troubling times. She compassionately provide the space, in a trusting relationship to explore limiting beliefs and assist clients in expanding and developing new interpretations of themselves and their experiences as they heal. The most fulfilling part of her work is to witness and experience the beautiful evolution of client self-discovery and empowerment.

                She finds Coaching a powerful modality and rewarding process to help others achieve extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives. The ontological concepts provide a beautiful framework for transformational learning. Often clients report experiencing themselves more deeply – using awareness in the realm of body, moods/emotions and language as a process which provides for sustainability in living a life grounded in presence.
                Lynn graduated from Emory University and has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Tulane University. She maintains licensure in Clinical Social Work since 1994 and graduated from Newfield Network in 2010, a renowned Ontological Training Program in Boulder Colorado.

                On a personal note, she loves her cowboy boots, doing yoga, and digging in the earth. Every now and then she loves to kick up her heals and dance, dance, dance.

                  Martin Mudd

                  Environmental Awareness, Youth Workshops

                  Martin intends to host week-long intensive young adult wellness workshops.

                    Beth Ellen Rosenbaum

                    Children's Music Workshop

                    Beth Ellen is the creator of Children’s Music Workshop, a unique music and movement program that has been prized by parents and loved by children since 1995. She has spent many years researching the best ways to teach music to young children, and has received advanced training in leading methodologies, including Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Orff-Schulwerk, and Kodaly. She is a Juilliard- and Oberlin-trained concert pianist, and her background as a performing classical musician is integrated into her work with young children. She has been a member of the faculties of many institutions, including Juilliard, the United Nations International School, Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Arts, and Lexington Montessori School. She holds the Certificate in Early Childhood Music and Music Learning Theory from Temple University. Beth Ellen is the recipient of an Artist Grant from the Kentucky Foundation for Women. Beth Ellen’s creative teaching approaches and innovative curriculum have been widely praised. Her work is based on the most up-to-date research connecting early music learning with enriched cognitive development. Her energetic classes incorporate a wide variety of stimulating and imaginative musical experiences – songs and chants from around the world, creative movement and dance, instrument playing, storytelling, and improvisation – which have been chosen to cultivate a love of music and provide a foundation for future musical study. And most importantly, her classes are super fun!

                    Samara Anjela

                    Certified Medium, Master Healer, Spiritual Strategist

                    Samara Anjelae is a Certified Medium, Master Healer, Spiritual Strategist and an Award-Winning Author. Samara has helped clients worldwide with a holistic and spiritual approach for the last 25 years. Samara has a B.S. and a M.A Degree and her mediumship ability has been validated and verified scientifically. Samara was invited to be an Integrative Research Medium with The University of Arizona VERITAS research program directed by Dr. Gary Schwartz, PH.D and Julie Beischel, PH.D after completing a nine step screening process. Samara continues to participate as a Certified Research Medium at the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential.
                    Samara is also an extraordinary vessel to help heal others and teach others to heal themselves. Samara, a Reiki Master, has initiated many students into Reiki. Samara has the ability to connect, hold and lift the vibration of an individual, or a group, and facilitate: transformation, enlightenment and healing. Samara’s work keeps evolving and transcending technique, so she simply calls her sacred work with angels, power animals, and ascended masters, a “healing.”
                    Samara will be offering at Centered on a limited basis: Spiritual Psychic & Mediumship Readings, Healings, Mentoring and Workshops.
                    Visit her website at to Schedule an appointment

                    • 859-749-8832

                    Elizabeth Beck

                    Journaling, Poetry, Art

                    Elizabeth Beck is a writer, artist and teacher who lives with her family on a pond in Lexington, Kentucky. She is the author of two books of poems:Interiors and insignficant white girl. Elizabeth achieved her B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati and her M.Ed. from Xavier University. She was an award-winning English and Art History teacher for ten years. During her time at Withrow High School, she founded The Tracks Literary Magazine. She is the proud recipient of the 2012 Artist Enrichment Grant through The Kentucky Foundation for Women. In November 2011, Elizabeth founded The Teen Howl Poetry Series that serves the youth of Central Kentucky.

                    Visit her website:

                    Joel DiGirolamo

                    BSEE, MBA, MS Psychology

                    Joel DiGirolamo began practicing yoga at age 12 when he discovered the book Yoga and Health by Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich at his grandfather’s house. At this early age he mastered yoga poses using only this book for guidance and continued practicing by himself on and off over the years. Many years later he found himself enamored with Ashtanga yoga and currently practices and teaches this vigorous style of yoga. He is the author of the award-winning book Yoga in No Time at All. He has earned a 200 Hr. yoga teaching certificate and has studied under Sharmila (granddaughter of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois) in India, Doug & David Swenson, Kino MacGregor, Ginger Garner, Amanda McMaine, and many other dedicated yoga instructors.

                      ** A definition of licensure:
                      LMT – licensed massage therapist
                      CYT – certified yoga teacher

                      supporting, educating and inspiring our world through the moving, visual and healing arts.